Under 18 Accounts

I think that adding a child Monzo bank account will very beneficial for both parents and Monzo. Most people that use Monzo and require a bank account for their child often go to Revolut or the “Big 5 Banks” whilst if Monzo provided those accounts, it would make all much more convenient


Bumping my vote on this.

I hate the starling junior account. Its essentially a “pot” with a seperate card. Meaning I have to transfer money from Monzo to my Starling personal, and then into my daughters pot for her pocket money each month.

Its also then a pain to manage, as I detest their app.

Monzo kids account for under 16s. I would propose it acts similarly to how the original monzo accounts were?
Seperate Monzo-Kids app which pairs to parent(s) for monitoring and paying into.

This gets my vote 10x over!


This idea has been suggested previously.

The main voting thread can be found here:


Although the link above :point_up: has been suggested several posts ago, it’s good to see you (@awjdean) back & helping to tidy things up :+1:


This has been asked soooo many times and I 1000% agree.

Although anyone over 16 can actually use Monzo, just with some limitations. You can make direct debits, pay in cash, and use almost all full functionality of the Monzo card.

Adult based activity however is blocked.

For anyone under 16 though, the only workaround at the moment is make a virtual card on the parents account and add that to the kids mobile device via Google or Apple Pay. Just be sure there’s some money in there, or else it’s basically a having a car without petrol moment.

:point_up: *Plus/Premium paid account tiers only (VC’s)

Car with no petrol analogy works fine - aka - if they don’t have it, they can’t spend it.

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I know this already, just wasn’t mentioned.

From November 2021…

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I like your ingenuity there! I just hope the various wallet pays don’t have issues via Monzo. Oh the woes we had in telephony at another bank!

One of the kiddo’s turned 16 on Sunday. Applied for a Monzo account & got it. Card arrived today and all set-up. User# 9,7xx,xxx - so over 9.7 million users given access so far.

Monzo is now advertising over 8 million users, so at high it is 8,999,999 and at low it is 8,000,001

Which means there are currently between 1,699,999 and 700,001 accounts closed/dormant - a ‘loss’ of between 7.2% and 17.5% of customers compared to the current 9.7M user count.


On the positive side - over 8M users!


Having a kids account would mean more users which would be a bonus!

One option at the moment is to use a virtual card for the kids who are under 16, only caveats is its tied to the parents Monzo account, you need Monzo Plus and there’s only mobile payments available due to it being a virtual card.

Plus Monzo Plus costs a fee monthly.

I’ve used this since virtual cards launched.

That’s all the kids want or are bothered about. Physical cards? No.

True. But I get other benefits with Plus/Premium that I want. And all of the ‘standalone’ kids cards (GoHenry, Hyperjar, Revolut Kids) all ending up with some hidden costs to pay. So I went all-in with VC’s. It’s worked brilliantly for 3 years and now one of the JuniorW’s has a Monzo account of their own. One down, one to go.


Quick one, how are you adding a Virtual Card to a different phone than the one you have the app installed on?

Add the app, add the card, delete (or just log out) of the app.

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You don’t even need to install the app - just add the VC to the wallet like a physical card

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow Apple Pay for under 13. So virtual cards are not an option for me. I’m looking at Starting bank now, they have a free account for Kids. Maybe I just move all my banking there to keep it simple.

I suggested 3 years ago that they acquire Rooster Money they would have got them at a great price and guess what they were to slow and NatWest got them

You were just wanting your investment return. That’s not a recommendation, that’s a plug.

Whatever,what does it matter,I reckoned more so it would be a very good fit for both companies . I doubled my investment anyway with Rooster and I am sitting x3-x5 with Monzo so I was going to win either way.