Unable to play The Health Lottery via Monzo

Direct debit details are not accepted and neither are card details.

Anyone tried this before?


Nobody has reported it before to my knowledge.

Your first screen just looks like a generic error message and not one you would expect to see from an unaccepted bank/card type. What did they say when you contacted them?

I assume you double and triple checked the details? Usually the most common error is mixing up all the 4’s and 0’s in the sort code.

A word of warning: cancelling the health lottery is not as simple as setting it up.

You have to ring them to cancel and then undergo the kind of psychological questioning reserved for Soviet defectors before you can escape their clutches.

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You can try emailing acceptance@monzo.com

I’ll just stick to The Postcode lottery as that works fine. This is the first app i’ve had acceptance issues with

They haven’t replied yet and I’m not giving them 7p a minute for something I want to pay for, haha. god only knows the queue times. I know I could use WeQ4U

I wouldn’t pay that either :scream: I’d email or try reaching out on their socials. Never heard of WeQ4U though… that’s interesting.

Weq4u is an app to stop you queuing on a call

I’d have never guessed from the name :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink:

I just meant that I’ve not heard of it before and I’ll have to take a look because it sounds good :smiley:

Lol :laughing: I have used it and found it a good app for not waiting as it calls you back when queue is over.

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I worked in a call centre just when these sort of queueing services were starting, call handlers knew when they were connected to these queue services because a message would play to us.

Company policy was to immediately disconnect the call

Nice :neutral_face:

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