Unable to disable “Transactions and payments” notifications

Issue: After disabling “Transactions and payments” notifications located in Settings > Notifications, it is enabled again after relaunching the application. When clicking the slider to disable/enable the notifications there appears to be some kind of delay or glitch that occurs in the animation of the slider. To me this looks like an API issue with the action linked to the sliders in notification settings.

Details to reproduce: Head to Settings > Notifications disable the “Transactions and payments” notifications slider. Now after relaunching the application, the setting has not been preserved and is still enabled and transaction and payment notifications are still sent. Other notification sliders may have preservation issues but I have limited time to test these.
OS: iOS 16.1.2 (20B110)
Device: Apple iPhone 13 Pro (A2638)
App Version: 5.17.0 #892


Thank you,