Unable to create statements when no transactions

I have been liaising with Monzo a chat help trying to create statements of my account.

What would seem a straightforward and obvious thing for a bank to produce Monzo just don’t seem to be able to complete. For an identity check I need to produce 6 months of statements. I deposited money into my account and left it in positives for a few months then decided to transfer fully over to Monzo. I now have no bank accounts with any other institutions.

I have now gone to print off 6 months of statements and Monzo does not allow you to produce statements when no transactions have occurred. Crazy stuff! I cannot figure out how and why they have set there statement function up this way but they refuse to produce statements for me, even though there were funds in the account for more than 9 months, for 6 of these months as I didn’t complete any transaction.

Chat has been no help and am at a loss. Has anyone got any ideas?

Make one or two small transactions today - a few pence? - and see if that ‘turns on’ this feature?

Your previous bank(s) will be able to produce statements for your closed account(s), if Monzo is unable to help.