Unable to authenticate since moving to new device (iOS)


I cannot perform any of the following actions:

  • make payments to other accounts
  • approve transactions
  • see cars details

It all started to happen since I’ve got a new phone. I even reinstalled the app, but it didn’t help

Details to reproduce

  • try to make a transfer to another bank account
  • authenticate with a Face ID
  • get an error
  • same if I try to get a card number

OS: iOS 15.6
Device: iPhone 13 mini
App Version: 4.43.0


You’ll need to speak to in app chat, search contact us in the help section if you don’t see the chat button.

Is there a feed item at the top telling you need to do some ID checks?

Also try uninstalling the app, restarting the phone and installing from the app store, not restoring from iCloud.

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If so, I believe you would need to do this first. Otherwise, as said Chat will be the best route :slight_smile:

Also since this isn’t a bug I’ve moved it to Help.

Welcome by the way :wave: