Unable to add avios Barclaycard

Has anyone had any success in adding an Avios Barclaycard to the app?

It currently redirects me to log into my Barclaycard account through the browser, after logging in successfully the Barclaycard website errors out

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I see from the Emma forum that people have been having the same problem connecting the Barclaycard Avios to Emma, too. The solution appears to be to remove the Barclaycard app from your phone, then try again and you should be directed to the Barclaycard website to authorise the Open Banking connection.

Once connected, you can reinstall the Barclaycard app and it should continue working, at least until you have to renew the connection. Hopefully Barclaycard will have sorted out the issue by then…

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Thanks for the suggestion it seems that there is an additional problem with the Avios specific cards where removing the app and logging in through the browser still doesn’t work.

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OK, thanks for getting back - I’ve arranged to replace my Barclaycard Rewards card with the Avios later next month but I think I’ll cancel the switch if I can’t connect it to the Monzo app.

I just got a response from Barclaycard and apperently open bank integration isn’t on for Avios yet (along with Google/apple pay) but both features are supposed to be available soon.

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Apple Pay is apparently already working - not sure about Google Pay.

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Weird, I added my Avios as soon as it got switched from my previous Platinum Barclaycard. It had some teething issues (showing transactions duplicated etc), but now it seems to work fine.

Do Barclaycard support Apple Pay? They never supported Google/Samsung Pay as they insist on using their own (crappy) solution within their app.

Yes - it’s my default card.

Has anybody tried adding the Barclaycard Avios to Monzo Plus on iOS recently? I’m wondering if you still need to delete the Barclaycard app to force authorisation via the website…

I added the Barclaycard Avios recently. The “Barclaycard” option didn’t work, but “Barclays” and selecting the credit card worked great.

Thanks - that’s what I need, though, because I don’t have a Barclay’s current account.

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I was having lots of issues, and just deleted the Barclay’s app on the Iphone and now it works.