UK Bank customer service league tables published

I’ve had to phone them up on at least three occasions now to reset my passwords and memorable info when I’ve managed to lock the app because I’ve put the wrong answer in too many times. :man_facepalming:

I mean, the account is great, I got a good switching deal and some useful linked accounts, and they are always very helpful on the phone. But the whole password/memorable phrase mess is a prime example of what’s wrong with ‘security theatre’. There’s simply too much to remember.

ETA: Just seen Kevyn’s reply re: security key. That’s another reason I had to phone up and reset everything, old phone broke and I had to get a new one. Then I discovered I couldn’t use my FD app any more. Took literally months before I had the time and patience to go through with another phone call (had to top up my Monzo account instead of transferring in the meantime).


Clydesdale is part of virgin money group

No it’s not. CYBG is proposing to buy virgin money however shareholder vote is not till next month and then it needs to go to regulatory approval.

I had an account with them. Then all of a sudden I received 2 months ago. letter saying they are closing my account as I don’t meet virgins criteria

Apparently Starling are the best British bank…


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What I find interesting is that under new FCA rules banks with over 70,000 personal current account holders must publish certain details. Monzo are on the list but Starling aren’t :smirk:

EDIT: Starling are now on the FCA list


I’m stunned to see TSB so high up the rankings after their phenomenal IT debacle.

And also stunned the Co-op Bank so low! The Co-op’s telephone support used to be excellent - you could reach them 24/7, with virtually no waiting - but they’ve cut it back significantly the past couple of years. I suppose it’s had a big impact.

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Good find, surely their numbers aren’t that low :see_no_evil:. I reckon they are around 200,000 now.

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Saw this in the Metro today I found it quite hilarious but well deserved.


I’ve always had great service from them and they are very speedy! I agree having 3 different things to remember is ridiculous I always end up forgetting…

Hope to see Monzo up there one day!


They’ve added a whole new tab in their app promoting this, too :roll_eyes:

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Monzo should be required to be included and display their results in the next study


We’re also number one for […] mobile banking services

Where’s the “bullshit alarm” button when you need it? :joy:

Also I find these ads quite pretentious - surely if you were that great then you wouldn’t need to advertise it, and media & word of mouth would do the job for you for free?


I’m aware of their good reputation for branch opening hours and account opening speed, but curious to know what their online and mobile banking and telephone support is like. Can anyone comment?