Uber for an important appointment?

I might have an important appointment soon and have no car so taxi is the most reliable as the buses are never on time

We don’t usually have many ubers around here, so my question is if I book the uber a day before, will they likely collect me on time as they have had 24hrs notice? If not what’s the best option?


Nobody can promise you that they will, but they are meant to, yes. I think you can choose a 15 min slot if you are booking for the future? You could just book a regular taxi for a specific time instead though - then at least you can call them if it is not there on time.


OK thanks :grinning:
I’ll obviously book it for way before the appointment just in case it’s late for whatever reason

So do you think a local taxi company is a better option?

I would have no clue, I have no experience of your local companies :). They might be good, they might be awful.

The advantage of a local company is you can call them to confirm, or call them to complain.

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OK thanks for the info guys
I’ll play it safe and just get a regular taxi :grinning::+1:t3: