"Twttr" Prototype App

(Tom ) #1

So Twitter has launched there new Beta/Prototype programme called Twttr. Some really cool design decisions /UI tweaks and they have promised rapid iteration can’t wait to get in.

(Simon B) #3

I’ve requested access :grinning: I love Twitter, it’s my favourite social network.

(Ian Lyon) #4

I’ll reserve judgement until I see it for myself, but in this photo it looks absolutely boggin’. :face_vomiting:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #5

Nice, let’s see what it’s like :sunglasses: Gotta love early access to things :tada:


I requested access a while back and didn’t get in, looking forward to when it does finally open up. Not sure what to expect, can’t see me ditching Tweetbot but we’ll see…


This guy has got a good comparison thread of Twitter vs Twttr. I love the look of it.

(Harry) #8

I’ve been using Twttr since it’s launch, and I do like the conversation view.

I don’t like the fact you have to click onto a reply to be able to like it, before you could like it directly from the thread itself. I’ve fed that back.

Will be interesting to see what other things we get to test in the future :smiley: