Two Mondo Accounts (Two Cards)

I understand from Yehudi that currently it’s not possible to apply for a second Mondo card (at the same address as my first/current one)?

I would hope this becomes possible soon as I own a small B&B and would use that 2nd card for my business expenditure - am completely disgusted with the service I receive from the Bank of Scotland - but, for tax purposes, need to have two separate accounts.

Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Bank of Scotland account. Best way to fix that I have found is to contact them on 0345 300 0268 that way you can try to get them addressed whilst mondo get’s it’s bank licence.


To be honest I have no interest in continuing to bank with them the moment a suitable ‘Non High Street’ is available and I feel comfortable with.

The staff in the local BoS branch are very helpful but they will not open or service business accounts in the branch - it has to be done by telephone.

Every phone contact I have had was met with staff that are far from helpful. It took months to set up a simple business account and I once applied online for a small working capital loan (July 2015) and was advised a response would normally be forthcoming in 48 hours … almost 11 months later I am still waiting for their response!

The PayPal Working Capital Loan online application a few days later received a positive response and the funds within about 2 or 3 minutes.

Sorry to hear this Alan, I don’t work within the BOS retail banking sector, but I work for the parent company and I do feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to this, I agree that it can be frustrating when it comes to wanting to speak to someone face to face and they can’t do anything.

Did you chase up that Loan application? as it’s usually an automatic process and if there is anything out of the ordinary it would be referred to a manual underwriter, but it should stick within the 48 hours. This seems like your application slipped through the cracks.

Once again i’m sorry to hear this. Let’s hope Mondo can offer business banking soon.