Two Help to Buy ISA's - Single name on the mortgage?

I can probably assume that this cannot be done; but to be sure does anyone know if two Help to Buy ISA’s can be used for a mortgage application in one name?

The reason I ask is my partner is leaving her current job and her new job would be on a temp contract for a year, then she would be made permanent.

Rather than waiting we are looking to persue getting the mortgage in one name for now then further down the line when we re-mortgage add her on to it…


Might be worth having a read over the FAQ

I would imagine that it isn’t possible to do this. To qualify for the help to buy bonus, they would have to use it on a house that they were purchasing.

Edit found this on the FAQ

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Can’t argue with that. Possible then just depends on the lenders terms. I guess it’s a case of finding out which lenders will allow this. :slight_smile:

You also get into the problems of is her deposit a gift or a loan? Banks don’t tend to like loans from family and if it is a gift your girlfriend would have to sign her rights away to both the money and the property.

I would imagine if this was the case we’d wait until her contract became permanent, otherwise we’d loose out on the 25% bonus.