Two cards

A query, rather than a problem as such.

Despite already having a card, I’ve one eye on the Crowdcube investment drive.

Would my phone support me having two cards?




I would like to know about this as well

I don’t have two cards to test, but rather three different apps I am testing on TestFlight and one loading from Crashlytics - and I have never had any unintended consequences.

From the “mondo crowdfunding!” thread in here, the current intent appears to be that if you end up bagging a slice of the crowdfunding equity you’ll get to choose between using your new funder card or keeping your alpha card, and then keeping the other as a memento (perhaps Mondo could let us transfer our alpha card to a friend, if we want to, further down the line, but I could understand that being difficult/undesirable at the moment given all the caveats that surround the Mondo card and the desire to more tightly control how people are ‘introduced’ to it as a result)

I don’t know if the guys would let you open a completely seperate account with your new card (if that was what you were asking?). I guess you could provided you had another email address to use (as I expect that is the current primary key for a customer), assuming the Mondo guys don’t mind. You’d have to log out/log in in the app all the time to switch between them, though, and you presumably won’t get push notifications for the account you’re signed out of - there’s no direct support for multiple accounts per device as such (yet?!)