Two cards for one user

(Nikolaus) #1

I think it would be great to have a spare card on the same account. I travel a lot and having my wallet with all my cards stolen when abroad is my worst nightmare. Often i’ll try to leave one of my bank cards in the hotel room in case this happens, but sometimes when in poorer countries the rooms have no safe and things get stolen from the room. Having a spare mondo card which i can leave in the room and block immediately if it’s stolen would be perfect for this!


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"Hot Spare" Card
(tom) #2

Great suggestion, thanks :slight_smile:


"Hot Spare" Card
(Oliver Ford) #3

Even better, even with current functionality with your card left in the room it could already be blocked; you’d only unblock it if/when you returned and needed to use it.



For me, this is a must if I am to consider using it as a travel card as I’m often away for several months at a time.


(Ben) #5

Hi all! :wave:

I had a quick search but didn’t yield any results on the topic of supplementary cards.

While I’m eager to get my hands on the current account as and when it rolls out, I’ll be saddened to see the prepaid card go!

I think being able to have supplementary cards on your current account could be a really awesome idea. Being able to provide another card for a family member (great example could be kids) and have total control over how much is in it etc would be fantastic, it would make perfect sense to hand out a card to your son or daughter with a £50 limit and you could set up auto top up features too.

Also being able to take your own back up card to things like festivals would save the annoyance or any down time of losing your main card and having to re order a new one.

What are people’s thoughts/suggestions on this?


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If everyone opted to have a second card it would double the cost for Monzo. If there was a £50 fee to buy a second card that would make it viable.


(Ben) #7

Hmm yes I see what you mean there. I think having a built in limit would obviously make sense to it. I mean I can order a supplementary card for my Amex account if I wish - but yes for a newer bank I can see the cost of cards probably adding up.
I think £50 for a supplementary card would be vastly too much, but maybe even just a token amount to stop absurd abuse of the feature would make sense. Something like £5 perhaps?


(Rika) #8

Not entirely true in this case because the costs will be split across the two cards but certainly something we won’t be able to consider until we get everyone on the current accounts. I can’t stress enough just how much more flexibility we get from that.


(Ben) #9

It’s nice to know it’s something that could happen in the future at the very least! Thanks for the response.


(Alex Sherwood) #10

Thanks for checking before you posted, turns out there has been some discussion about this idea already in this topic so I’ve moved your post & the replies over, to keep all of the ideas in one place. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

There’s also been some discussion about giving a card to your child here -

Those are some great use cases :heart_eyes:

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(Ben) #11

Hey @Alexs no worries, I only searched with the term supplementary card. I’ll try search more thoroughly next time! :smiley:


Just saw your edits, seems like I’m not the first to suggest it!

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(Abigail) #12

I just wondered if I was able I request a second monzo card, we are going to be abroad for a few months and am concerned if we lost the card or it got stolen we would be stuck!?


(Alex Sherwood) #13

Hi Abigail, I’m afraid you can’t request a spare card at the moment. As you can see, Monzo’s CEO likes the idea but at the moment, it’s out of their hands -

however, as long as you carry a backup card that’ll keep you going for a little while (which you should do anyway, as Monzo’s in beta), you don’t need to worry about this because Monzo’s service is so good that they’ll send you a replacement card wherever you are in the world!

I’ve moved your post here, to keep all of the discussion about this scenario in one place, I hope that’s ok :slight_smile:


(Greg Glue) #14

Can you make it possible to have a 2nd card ,being topped up from same account or something very similar that you don’t have to have a 2nd phone available all time ,must be a way !!


(Jana Kubíčková) #15

Is possible to ask for another monzo card (diferent number and everything), for the same person? So can I have a to monzo cards using separately?


(Jana Kubíčková) #16

I do not mean savings account, I mean just two funny cards to spending money :smiley: I know that’s not necessarily, just interest, if possible. Or something like a subaccount with monzo.

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(Alex Sherwood) #17

Hi Jana,

I’ve moved your posts here as you’ll find all of the info about this functionality in this topic. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

TL;DR - it’s not possible yet.


(Jana Kubíčková) #18

Thank you I did not find this topic.

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(Sian Taylor) #20

I think this is such a great idea! Not even one as a spare but As a couple you could put into the same account and both spend no matter where one another is. A joint account as such you can manage with updates as soon as you spend and top up but 2 cards! Something that could be accessible of the same Monzo App as your own card already but showing up the “joint” one too? Monzo defiantly is the way forward!


(MikeF) #21

Remember that the cards were only ever a means of testing stuff before the Current Account could be launched.

Now that Current Accounts are available, the purpose of the cards is effectively completed so I wouldn’t expect any further development with them before they go away sometime next year and everyone is moved over to a CA.