Twitter for iPadOS - 2020 Redesign

Any iPad users got this yet? My iPad needs charging, but this looks like a welcome change to me.

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Nope, hasn’t come to me yet. There is too much blank space in the app just now, so will be interested to see if this feels better.

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Been using it for 2 days @simonb and got to say I’m not a huge fan of the new re-design

It’s a bit like they’ve thrown everything to one screen, imagine windows with the dock to the left :sweat_smile:

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Got the new UI now. One thing I don’t like about it already, is when clicking through tweets, you can no longer use the standard swipe to go back gesture because they have put the menu bar down the left side instead of the bottom.
I use swipe to go back so often that it’s really jarring when it’s not in an app.
I reckon they could still implement the gesture even with the menu bar on the left.

Edit: swipe to go back is actually still there, but it doesn’t work if you are touching the menu bar at all when doing it, which is instinctive as you are usually swiping from the edge of the screen.

Got it but still prefer Twitterific as my main.