Twitter Bug

Anyone notice a bug in Twitter app on Apple devices? I’m sure it’s only happening whilst being on IOS15 and iPadOS15 but could be wrong.

When scrolling through Twitter on both my iPad and iPhone, my feed will change and go half way up the screen and I’ll have to scroll all the way back down to where I was? It’s bloody annoying.

Not sure if this is just affected on IOS or an actual Twitter app bug and on android and windows tablets/phones too.

I haven’t had the bug but I have seen a couple of people tweet about it. So it seems to be a known thing. Maybe tweet about it to add some weight to the patching work.

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yes, I have this problem as well

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It is not just Apple devices. Happens to me on Android and in Chrome as well

It happens so often now that it has become a meme in and of itself

Probably more a feature than a bug at this point

It is really annoying though


I don’t get this but on iOS 15 if I try and launch twitter after a while it will crash and then I just launch it again and it is fine.

Yup, I have the same iOS bug. It’s really frustrating when I click from a notification and then the notification disappears.

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Yes! I assumed that was an iOS 15 thing, as the official Twitter app hasn’t seemed particularly stable on 15.

Thank god for Tweetbot!

Ah, Twitter. The company that never knowingly improves the user experience.

Yes this has been a bug pretty much since the start of IOS15. But the bug where the Twitter feed jumps to previous posts, I’ve only noticed since the last 2 or 3 betas

I haven’t seen the jumping bug (yet) just the crashing one. Will advise if I do. Hopefully they will sort soon anyway as ios15 less than a month away (based on traditional timing)