TV Shows!

Just to follow up on this, I’ve just had FP1 of the Dutch Grand Prix on live and I was getting 5.1 output both via Apple TV and the Samsung app.

The golf came on Sky Sports Main Event afterwards and output switched back to stereo.

Seems like it depends on the content then whether or not 5.1 is provided and for some reason the Premier League isn’t covered.

I also noticed this, I’ve never actually used race control. I wonder whether this is going to be all the driver onboards? I guess I’ll find out during qualifying tomorrow or possibly not until the race.

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I am absolutely tired of Crofty banging on about that feature every 15 minutes

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Special Ops: lioness

This weeks ep was tense!!

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I got 7 minutes into episode 2 before I stopped watching. It was fine for that small bout of nothing to watch a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t really get into it, and doubt I’ll ever watch any more.

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An I think it’s good!

Just about to watch Afterparty too. Been avoiding your spoilers, I have my suspicions of who it is.

Update: wasn’t who I thought it was gonna be, but even my assumption I struggled to find an agenda behind it anyway, other than just being random.

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Traitors Australia Season 2 is back, finale this weekend, it’s been a good series! Recommend for all traitors fans!

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Gentle reminder that as the Traitors dominated the general topic previously, there’s a separate topic for it now:


I wonder when the UK will get it. Don’t even want to start searching as I don’t want to spoil anything.

No changes in the advertising rules for public service broadcasters.

Binge watched The Morning Show season 1 in 2 days, absolutely loving it!

Just finished the s1 finale. Can’t wait to get through season 2 and season 3 just started.

Aniston and Witherspoon make the great duo here.


I’ve done something heinous and utterly deplorable…

I’ve started watching this year’s MAFS UK…


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I’d enjoy MAFS a lot more if they actually got married at the beginning of the show.

That would be a real mess to behold :sweat_smile:

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The first season was an interesting watch but since then they’ve turned it into just another love island and I can’t stand it.

One thing I’ve noticed this year is the amount of what look like fake lips on the female contestants. Is this a “post” insta thing? to me its not attractive, especially when combined with what looks like Botox where the face stops moving… Everyone seems to have this odd plastic sheen to them.

The majority of the men seem like man-children. Which I’ll admit make me feel better for being big ol’man child myself! :joy: Although I would never be as ridiculous as some of the men on there, my man-child status is more based on my deep seated love of video games :joy:

Reason #77379092 why being gay is better.


:rofl: perhaps, although I’ve seen my fair share of men that look like they’ve spent a bit too much time getting work done. I remember when I lived in Brighton we’d usually end up in Revenge (I think that was the name of gay club ?) Some of the dudes in there had a similar thing going on to the ladies of MAFS.

I also remember a particular night where a dude took a shine to me, I explained I wasn’t interested and was there because the girls wanted to go. He was relentless, he kept trying to grind me and wouldn’t take no for an answer! I also remember the stalls in the loos didn’t have doors on them. Which I found worrying, especially as I have condition which requires me to sit and pee…

Seems like Sky will be launching a new free channel soon. Tweet is linked as the website has a paywall. Can’t seem to find any information about this from Sky.

EDIT: Found another source. It seems Pick is closing and Sky Mix will air “Sky original drama, documentaries, arts, crime and entertainment shows, including acquisitions which are shown on Sky Atlantic and Sky Witness”.

They obviously hope this will entice people into paying for Sky.


As a rebranded Pick, it makes sense as it will actually help people realise that Pick is just airing shows that Sky has. Hopefully they showcase a few more shows as the shows on Pick normally aren’t that good (which does appear to be their plan with them airing Sky original dramas). Although, I think having Sky Max, Sky Mix, and Sky Sports Mix is quite a lot of similar sounding names. Let’s hope Max never launches here to add to the confusion.

The Boiling Point tv series is a fantastic follow-up to the film. Really enjoying it, although it is very stressful (as expected).

Heard nothing but good things about it. I believe the film is on Channel 4 streaming and the short film is on iPlayer.