TV Shows!

(Tony Hoyle) #312

New Orville season looks great.

(President of the Breville Toaster Appreciation Society) #313

Anyone else watched Final Space? Strange little show but good fun.

(Phil) #314

Just to add that I started watching The Good Fight at the weekend and it’s incredible.

(Of course, I was on holiday so not sure when I’ll be able to continue watching.)

(Tony Hoyle) #315

Found disenchantment recently. Like futurama but in the past (such that we call it pastarama in this house).

(Andy) #316

I was just coming in to say I’ve just started watching disenchantment. It’s not bad. Easy watch. Chuckling away!

(Glenn Lewis) #317

Very strange, but enjoyable!

Better Call Saul is my number 1 right now. Essential viewing.


We have Amazon Prime TV, Now TV entertainment pass and thinking of subbing to Netflix.

In to all kinds of tv shows…

Haven’t watched much tv since having kids :joy: but interested to know what everyone recommends/is worth a watch right now?

(Marcus Nailor) #319

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan!! :tada::tada:

Just watched the whole of series 1 in the past 24hrs :joy:

It’s really really good… :grin:


…Got a few hours to myself today so thought I’d try and get into something


Aha, saw that advertised on a train the other day and looked a bit of me :wink:


New series of Taskmaster starts on Dave on Wednesday :tada::tada::tada:


Will have to use google on that one :grimacing: I’m so out of the loop!


It’s a game show but it’s brilliant

Download the UKTV Play app or watch on catch up and you can watch all the previous series

(Andrew Ross) #325

Making a Murderer! Compulsive viewing. I believe the Staircase is similar…

(Andy) #326

Hi @Vacuumfriends I’ve merged your thread in to this one. there’s plenty of awesome shows in this thread, get binge watching!

I need to get stuck in to jack ryan on prime looks awesome. Also want to watch Bodyguard in iPlayer


Thanks, is there some way of making a poll?

(Kim L.) #328

I’m currently rewatching all 10 seasons of Friends… funnily enough, unlike what most other Friends fanatics would say - Monica is my favourite character. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Andy) #329

I am currently watching friends right now!!

(Andrew Ross) #330

Have watched episode 1 of Bodyguard - fantastic. Don’t think I was breathing for the first 20minutes or so!

(Lebert) #331

Currently watching Ozark season 2.

New season of Luke Cage, don’t bother. Time I can’t get back.