Tutorial Notifications with Declined Transactions

I just got the “You’ve now visited this retailer twice…” in-line notification, which I think is a nice way of getting new users to explore the app! :sunglasses:

However, it was triggered with a “Declined transaction” as my card was frozen at the time - oops! :flushed:

So, I removed the “Declined transaction” from my feed, and then pressed the in-line notification to see what it was all about. However, this showed me the “Declined transaction” (that I had just removed), along with my other visits to the retailer (as expected).

As this wasn’t my second visit to the retailer (it was my fifth/sixth) the information still looked fine, but I wonder how this would look if a new user has exactly two visits, one of which is a “Declined transaction”. :thinking:

In short, I’m not sure if this notification should be triggered if the second transaction at a retailer is declined.

Hi Charlie,

Thanks a lot for reporting this @charlie! You are right, it does not make sense to show this message for declined transactions. We’ll get that bug fixed ASAP.

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