Turning off debit card top-ups for new users

You still need it to log into the website don’t you? I can’t log in or complete transfer with out it.
Although I have replaced it with Touch ID to login but can’t see how you do it for transfers on the app

Have you asked people using top ups why they do so? I imagine most active users on this forum aren’t the ones topping up and therefore give biased responses.

I would put an optional one-off survey on the card top up page; you’re likely to get a better take up there than in an unsolicited email. But if you still don’t get a lot of responses you can make it mandatory as a last resort.


From the app go to your current account.
Then “pay or move money”
Then “someone you’ve paid before”
I don’t get asked for 2FA when paying someone I have paid before

I’ll try the website without using 2FA shortly

EDIT: Just tried the website. I can login and complete a transfer to someone I’ve paid before without 2FA.

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Nationwide? You can login online with your customer number, secret word and passcode, but you’re slightly limited in what you can do.


Very strange I do :frowning:

I never remember the customer number :sweat_smile:

I can remember mine somehow. I know my HSBC, Lloyds, credit cards, old Santander and old NatWest details. None of them are the same or have the same passcodes

By association, they are topping up from another bank account, therefore there is no reason they cannot transfer from that same bank account as opposed to top up.

I disagree.

Maybe that bank account isn’t in the UK, maybe their app is horribly bad or doesn’t work, maybe they don’t do faster payments on weekends, etc.

My friend still uses her Monzo in France because all the banks there are awful (the fintech scene is non-existent) and has no choice but to top-up by card as she can’t do Faster Payments from her French legacy account.

Just pass down the cost of top-ups to the user and let them decide if it’s worth it. Most will switch to bank transfers but those that have no choice can still keep using Monzo.


The PISP route is also not a solution for very legacy banks that can’t be bothered to do faster payments on weekends, nor for the rare cases where the payment is not instant.

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Revolut still use top-ups and they have broken even financially. My thought is why Monzo cannot absorb these costs like their rivals? What ways do Revolut break even and shouldn’t Monzo look at that direction to make further funds? i.e. a Monzo Premium?

I don’t actually use top-ups so if they were removed for legacy users like me I wouldn’t care, however, I don’t begrudge those who do use it and want to continue with it.


By having a £6.99/month premium offering and by offering business accounts that cost £25/month, £100/month or £1000/month, depending on the size of the business.

And no, £1000/month is not a typo.

How many employees does that £1000 cover? A simple £125/year AMEX Gold Business gives you loads of additional benefits for 100 people

I would start levying a 0.5% top-up “at-cost” charge (after a reasonable notice period). Again, people can be nudged towards free top-up options. Make clear that is costing £24/customer/year (or even provide a customised cost based on the cumulative topups to date for each customer). It’s unlikely to have the same backlash as the overseas withdrawals did as you’re not withdrawing the primary benefit that some customers were sold the product on in this case.

I’m sure if I saw that I had cost Monzo £x over the past year with topups and could choose to pay 0.5% or topup by bank transfer I would end up transferring more through bank transfer.

Having said that, playing devils advocate, if it costs £12 per average customer now, it’s quite feasible it could cost £6 per average customer by next year as the proportion of the customer base still about to credit via topup falls steadily as the bank grows. Does it become absorbable at some point in the future?


Their £25/month package works for any business receiving £100K/year, their £100/month is for businesses receiving less than £1M/year, and for any others it costs £1000/month.

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I think you guys should turn this feature off for all users if it’s not sustainable. I wonder how many users who still top-ups use Monzo just when abroad. :roll_eyes:

I wonder how many users who still top-ups use Monzo just when abroad

Is this really bad? Some countries do not have any kind of fintech industry at all - do you really want to force those people to go back to legacy rust?

Just charge a fee and let them use Monzo if they want to.


That’s the other option, but we are not talking about removing the only way a user can top up their Monzo card, if they are topping up from a debit card it means they have an account with another bank that can be used for a bank transfer. I’m just talking from a sustainability point of view, of course, top up by debit card was easier for me too until I set up a bank transfer to my Monzo account but that was just me being lazy. :slight_smile:

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Someone literally said how that is not the case.


I understand that and that’s why I hope Monzo will expand to mainland Europe soon as I know that it would be massive. But in that instance, I am not sure if customers living abroad with a Monzo card are more expensive to Monzo than their UK customers?
We can look this in two ways, one is the customer’s side, where from personal experience many people I know in Italy want to get a Monzo card delivered to my address in the UK so they can save money and have a far superior service back there and the other side, Monzo’s profitability.
I hope the marketplace is nearly here and will change this making them more flexible on these instances.

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As it stands right now, Monzo have publicly said that they’re happy for people to use the card as their main way of paying for things while they’re living in another country. The customer just has to deal with the balance being in sterling and not having a specific account for that country. Yes, it costs Monzo money but it keeps customers active and they can just charge for top ups - simple

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