TSB unveils new platform


Looks like TSB are hoping their new platform will help them bring new features to market quicker and catch up…

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The app was atrocious at launch, way behind the Lloyds one. Didn’t even have an available balance (granted they fixed but how it ever got released without?!). I still kept using the Lloyds version which despite not having comparable features to Lloyds (app approval etc) was still better then the new tsb one.

What will be interesting is to see if real time balance will be available. I suspect not given available balance wasn’t up front and centre but let’s see.

Proteo’s roots are in the Alnova retail core banking system supplied by Accenture

Still shit then. :joy:

It was delayed at launch due to the change of ownership of TSB to the new Spanish owners, they said at the time they had plans to change their internal systems, website and app.