TSB seems to be broken... again!

Tried to transfer money to Monzo on Friday and Saturday but still waiting. Seems like they’ve broken something again.

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If Twitter is anything to go by it looks like there have been issues for 4 days now. :no_mouth:

There’s a lot of people seemingly willing to put up with a lot of inconvenience when CASS is a thing.

Delayed transfers (mostly from Friday) have still yet to go through and it appears login is not working for some, too.


I thought it was just me, sent some money to the account last night and still waiting for it. :neutral_face:

TSB Twitter (as of 4 hours ago) are not aware of any online problems. :thinking:

hmm, Monzo Stauts isn’t reporting any issues.

I’ve done a transfer from Clydesdale to TSB a few hours ago and it was immediate…