TSB down again - any spare Golden ticket?

(Michael) #143

I now have 5 tickets !

(Andy) #144

I had a 5 or 6 and they all disappeared :crying_cat_face:

(Jack) #145

They still exist but don’t allow you to skip any queue as it’s not there now. They are just a fun way to invite friends to join. Although the are looking at other ways for them to now work.


If the “next way” of using them doesn’t include a free Willy Wonka chocolate bar (remember them??) I’m out…


Maybe this topic should be pinned :woman_facepalming:

Apparently they have customers left

(Change Works) #148

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I’ve noticed that TSB are continuing to find ways of losing customers.

They had a mobile and internet banking outrage over the weekend which they claimed had been fixed. Turns out that Monday morning, customers are taking to Twitter to complain that there has been no fix.

Deja vu, anyone?

(Tim Banting) #149

Perhaps they should look to acquire Monzo to sort their mess out!


TSB can’t afford Monzo.

(Starling Guru) #151

Or just ask Starling as they like to send their engineers to other peoples sites

(Jack) #152

Not sure I even like to entertain the idea of Monzo being aquired by them.

IMHO Monzo works best because a large chunk of their staff have never been in banking before, they have the ability to see through things others can’t. If they were aquired by a legacy they may not have the ability to think outside the box as much.

(Tim Banting) #153

I have a feeling that is Starling’s exit strategy…

(Jack) #154

Starling have good tech! I think where they shine best is in their services to other businesses/banks, along with business accounts.

Personal accounts right now not so much… compared to Monzo etc.

So I think you’re right, it could work well for some larger bank to aquire them and use it as their way of riding through the storm of fintech :slight_smile:

Starling Feedback

My understanding is Starling never allowed customers to buy into them, no shares for joe public?

So any buy-out would enrich the board but leave loyal customers with nothing and back in the hands of a legacy bank?

(Starling Guru) #156

TSB boss just stepped down, wonder why :eyes:

(Tim Banting) #157

As so they should. It’s the right thing to do after such a fiasco.

(Valeri) #158

I mean he probably had very little to do with that whatsoever…

(Starling Guru) #159

He probably was involved in the selection process of the company that did the ‘work’ though

(Tim Banting) #160

He represents the company at all levels. Ultimate responsibility. With great power (and salary) comes great responsibility.

(Valeri) #161

While I do agree with you on that, if he’s the only one leaving I don’t expect much to change… sounds like the IT department might need a proper reshuffle to me.


Same principle as cabinet collective responsibility, you’re in charge so are responsible for what happens.

Something tells me he won’t be left poor and destitute though