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I trust TrustPilot as much as I trust TripAdvisor.

(Jack) #495

Sorry my post wasn’t clear. I beilive Monzo’s better but to those who are looking to get around it they beilive it isn’t as monzo are new.

(Matt) #496

FOS publish decisions that go to Ombudsman on their website.

(Marcel Ruhf) #497

I just found this article.
It’s an interesting read, especially the “Fraudster No 1” section, which briefly talks about fraudsters accusing Monzo to be scammers.

(Brenton Hill) #498

Hi guys,

I have just seen that Monzo on trust pilot only has 12 reviews and an average score of 3 out of 5.

I’ve just written a review. If others fancy it you should head to trust pilot and review your experience of Monzo. I’m sure that 3 will go up to a 5 in no time if people on these forums review. It seems like a case of people only reviewing when they have something negative to say at the moment which is a bit of a shame.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #499

That is the wrong one, it is this one

(Brenton Hill) #500

You are quite right. I will do another review :+1:

(Andre Borie) #501

6.5/10 is actually not bad considering what other banks have.


Revolut employee caught red handed making critical review of competitor.

They play dirtier at Fintech than Panama do at football.

Sorry for going off topic. Or did I?

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #503

Part and parcel of the Revolut employment programme. Guaranteed to make you shady in ten weeks or less.

(Andre Borie) #504

What’s so fake about this? I mean he has the right to be dissatisfied with a product and believes his company can do better. It does lack tact (I would’ve omitted the Revolut shilling or at least disclosed my affiliation) but other than that it seems fine.

(Is Santa here yet?) #505

Using a negative review to promote the company you work for is apparently against FCA rules (so I learned last night)

(Richard Cook) #506

Little update from me!

Tackling this from two ends -

  1. Seeing if we can do something about the misleading 1-star reviews. So far TP have been asking for pretty excessive amounts of proof before they’d remove a review, and it’s not something we could scale or make into a simple process. But I’m jumping on a call with them this week to see what the options are.

  2. Doing more to get accurate reviews from customers. (We’re pretty popular after all…). Ideas include having a Rate Monzo option in the app settings or prompting you to help us out with a TP review if you’re having a positive experience. Whilst avoiding not spamming anyone.

Hopefully we’ll be back up to 4 or even 5 stars soon :crossed_fingers:


I’ve edited my post to say “critical” instead of “fake”. :+1:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #508

I think you need to get the verified order badge on there like Starling otherwise it would be pointless putting all the work in for nothing.

(Robert Pop) #509


I’ve recommended Monzo to a couple of friends recently and they seemed excited about opening a Monzo account, until they went on Trustpilot and read all the negative reviews about accounts being frozen for no apparent reason.

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This has actually made me feel concerned about my own Monzo account and I have to be honest, I’ve felt like transferring all my funds to Starling or just back into my HSBC account (which I hate, but at least seems more reliable when it comes to ‘freezing accounts’).


I read here that those are just ‘fake reviews’ written by competitors or clients of these competitors. Well, should these reviews be ‘fake’, why would Monzo reply by saying ‘they had a reason to freeze the account’ instead of just reporting the ‘fake reviews’ to Trustpilot , or instead of simply confronting the reviewer.

Something seems fishy here and I’d really appreciate an official response from Monzo, not just their loyal customers (who would blindly defend Monzo just because they like Monzo - and I like Monzo too, otherwise I wouldn’t have made Monzo my main, everyday bank account, but I also like not having to worry about my account being frozen or closed without any reason).

So… any thoughts? Any solid information on this? :slight_smile:


(Andy) #510

Hi @robertpop, see post above from Monzo on this

(Colin Robinson) #511

You might also want to read up on Anti Money Laundering (AML). Under AML banks are not allowed to tell people why their accounts are frozen.

(Robert Pop) #513

So based on a hunch, a bank can freeze my account? Is this North Korea? :slight_smile:

(Tony) #514

That’s your take from this? Seriously?