Trustpilot Reviews

(Stephen Brinda) #364

Don’t think I’ve ever used the site🤔 if I have a complaint or praise, it will be in here. Can imagine it’s all trolls having a moan, in someones mind they have a perspective of how a company should be. If it falls outside of the box…they’ll complian big style.

(Alex) #365

A simple solution if you are expecting an unusual amount in your account is to pre-warn your bank and provide them with the evidence they ask for before the money arrives.

I have done this before and it stops all sorts of issues as they can talk to you about it freely before any money arrives whereas afterwards they are stuck.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #366

Old thread I know but I was just looking on the reviews for Monzo and it seems that the people that are leaving 1 star reviews have upped their game and are doing it more often now.

I also looked on Starling hand they now have verified orders and have like 2 pages of reviews come in in the last 3 hours all 4-5 star.

Is there anything Monzo are doing to get this feedback better other then just replying?


Does anyone believe trustpilot reviews?

(Tony) #368

Oh god, some of those reviews… I’d forgotten how bad they were!!

Some of the replies from Monzo seem very one-dimensional, it has to be said. Looks like a copy-paste affair:

Hey, we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. It sounds like our team are already on the case and will get back to you when they’ve got more news to share. We hope this get sorted for you soon.

Get your asses in gear, Monzo, this is worse than not replying at all.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #369

We don’t as we know most are scammy but some people do and given the fact that they are now advertising people will obviously do some research

(Matt) #370

The reviews do make it look like they freeze 9 out of 10 accounts!

Also I agree, the Monzo reply is pretty useless!

(Tony Hoyle) #371

I look at the ‘my account was frozen’ posts with about the same skepticism as the ‘my account was banned from <game>’ posts on other sites. There’s always more to the story.

(Jack) #372

Trust-Pilot is pretty useless. Generally people only use it to complain.

(Craig A Rodway) #373

one of the doggy bank ever come across



we like cats and dogs fyi

(pretty much animals)

(Nick) #375

More accurate and less one-dimensional replies would probably be along the lines of “You’re a lying scammer, jog on”, so I’d guess the seemingly bland replies are down to the whole ‘not tipping off’ thing.

It’s a difficult balance to strike, I guess; show people looking you up that you’re on the up-and-up and proactively responding, while not saying the wrong thing to those deliberately leading malicious reviews for their own reasons.


It would be better not to reply than to copy/paste the same old script. Especially as it’s out of context for some of the replies.

And I agree with @danny. I just went through what I imagine I’d do if I were new to Monzo. A quick Google got me one review (which seemed to be an advert for Streaming in disguise) and Trustpilot.

I’m a reasonably savvy person (I think) but that experience would have given me cause for concern.

(Is Santa here yet?) #377

It’s not like they can reply with “You know what you did. We hope you’re ashamed of yourself”. Although honest replies would be funnier


That would be hilarious. I’m sure I saw a parody twitter account doing that for another business ages ago. Hilarious but cutting!

But back to the point: I think the standard reply is worse than not responding, to be honest.

I’ve taken a look at Starling’s reviews. They’re all super positive. 5 stars all round. I think I’d be more likely to go with them first on the basis of a quick internet search.

(I should probably say that I’m in no way anyone involved in fraud. This, for me, is a communications issue. Others have got on top of it, but not Monzo. Yet!)

(Danny) #379

I remembered this tweet from Tom from six months ago about an agency offering a service to post positive reviews - perhaps it extends to posting negative reviews of anyone that might stand in your way, too :thinking:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #380

Agreed, if I knew nothing about Monzo or Starling etc. then I would look at the reviews and think about going to Starling as all the Monzo reviews make it look like I’d lose all my money and have my account locked for months and I can’t have that happen.

(Matt) #381

Are the reviews real - as in are these real customers who have had their accounts frozen (for whatever reason) or are they just scam reviews? They all seem to be similarly worded.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #382

9/10 are fake reviews from the same people

(Harry) #383

Imagine having nothing better to do than troll a bank :eyes: