Trusted Party

You’re on a night out with some trusted friends and you are spitting the bill on different rounds/venues

Rather than having to ‘accept’ on10+ payments, yes it somehow was never your round, you have nominated some trusted friends to pay for your drinks using your account.

Suggested user story:

As a hungover user that trusts my friends,
I don’t want to have to click accept 10 times,
So that I pay my friends immediately when they are paying for things/rounds rather than ignore them leaving their Monzo out of pocket until I sober up/can be bothered

Could help stop a stack of notifications

I don’t have 10 friends so I wouldn’t know, and even if I did, we wouldn’t do rounds like that as you’re either asking for trouble or going to lose out somewhat.

If I’m ever buying a round I don’t expect it back but then there is only ever a max of 3 of us, the other my partner so he does his share, and the other our best friend.

In the event I ever did have that many friends to socialise with, and we were the types to split it equally then I’d ping everyone their share or just ask them to send their share, and I’d prefer a notification to show me who paid what etc/

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I voted for this because the user story made me laugh.


Create a shared tab!

Payments > Shared > Create


You’re not wrong, but we never do it!

I’m sorry but this has zero chance of happening. The fraud risk is off the charts.


Go grab a Starling account and get a ‘connected’ card, give that to them, sorted. it’s a second card that can only be used offline and has a £200 limit

Same. I struggle remembering 3 drink orders never mind 10 :rofl:

If there were 10 of us, I’m pretty sure we’d just all sort ourselves out (or split into smaller groups) then we can drink at our own pace. Getting everyone in sync must be a task in itself :sweat_smile:


For the past 4 years it’s been the same for me and him, and then our friend always drinks the same too, plus we always go the same pub so the bar staff remember for us after too many :joy: