Trump Impeachment Enquiry

Anyone following this? It’s pretty interesting.

Seems pretty clear that he acted illegally by withholding the Ukraine military aid on the basis that he wanted Ukraine to launch an inquiry into the Bidens. It doesn’t seem like anyone is disputing that this happened… The question is whether they consider it serious enough to warrant impeachment.

Tbh, its illegal, it’s wrong and says more about the change in “morals” if it’s voted against, but I guess it’s democracy!

It seems cut and dried to me. I’m with the House Speaker, Adam Schiff - “If Trump’s conduct isn’t impeachable, nothing is.”

(I wonder if Neil Young might do an Elton John and record an updated version of an earlier song?)

From what little I’ve gleaned over the last few months, no one comes out of this covered in glory.

There are questions for Biden Jr to answer. Such as how someone with little relevant experience lands a well paid job in an industry and country he knew little about.

As for Trump, he’s seeing foreign military aid, as a transactional tool, and it’s more than convenient that the target is a political opponent.

On the other hand, I think it unlikely that impeachment will change much. He’ll likely be found not guilty, and be able to leverage it to his advantage.


Especially as the senate is Republican controlled


Can just keep up with the UK politics how am I supposed to keep up with theirs.


I’m not sure what Biden Jr is alleged to have done could be any worse than this guy than anything this guy has done:

Or this guy:

And who could forget:


Trump will be impeached, but I hope that the house holds the articles and not send them to the Senate straight away. McConnell is complicit as much or more than Nunes in the house. It is clear that the GOP is willing to die on Trumpism hill.

Impeachment won’t change anything. His base is unwavering. So sadly, with our awful electoral college democrats will have to focus on the battleground states as usual and hope that the blue wave of 2018 keeps the house and maybe even the senate.

Conversely the GOP base will wear impeachment as a badge of honor and will turn out and vote too. Trump may very well be re-elected especially with states engaging in voter roll purging and generally making it very difficult to vote in the first place.

If the democrats can win the senate they can at least stop lower court stacking and when RBG passes (she’s not got much longer) they can prevent another Kavanaugh from being seated.


I think Trump is also just a target, he’s done a lot of good and made some difficult decisions. I’m not American but when the whole election thing was going on I ‘hated’ him just like everyone else because the media portrays him as an idiot who does all of these ridiculous things but when not looking through the eyes of the media it’s a very different picture as are many things.

I don’t even trust the BBC anymore for their allegedly non-biased reporting.

Because he is an idiot.

Anyone who actually looks at his experiences in business can see that.

He’s not a man who got rich by using clever business acumen to increase his wealth. He’s a man who got rich by inheriting everything from his daddy and then got less and less rich by consistently spunking it away on poor decision after poor decision.

ETA: spent ages looking for this story of how Trump utterly bungled what could’ve been the biggest real estate deal in New York, because this had stuck with me for years since I first heard it (and also has gotten harder to Google over the years):

Through Trump’s rise, fall and rebirth, there was one major real estate project that he tried to keep. The tale of what happened to that property should be of interest to anyone looking for insight into how Trump might perform as president. It was a deal of genuine magnitude and would have put him atop the New York real estate market. And he screwed it up.

Had Trump kept control of the Yards, he could have vaulted into the top ranks of Manhattan builders. But that would have required him to effectively straddle the public and private sectors, to work with a diverse array of leaders and interests, to stay focused, to demonstrate financial discipline, and to get things done – in other words, to be a great dealmaker.


He has not done much good at all.

I pay more in taxes now and the rich pay less.

Children at the border are basically in internment camps.

I could go on and on but Trump has not given us anything of value and has greatly damaged the perception of our country and brought out the worst of the worst of people.

Racists and white nationalists celebrate him and are emboldened by him.


Impeached on both counts



The fact that he is quite clearly guilty, is acting like a petulant child and has obviously so little disregard for others and yet still somehow has a legion of loyal followers and is likely to still come out of this not guilty makes me thoroughly depressed.

Just baffles me how people can be so blind to his actions and behavior. It doesn’t make sense to me!

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I feel the same way. Have some american friends who support him. We all live in our own bubbles, it’s very hard to see things outside of that.

See also, Brexit, Tories, et al.

GOP makes it about ‘him’ so impeachment is a personal thing because Democrats ‘hate him’, whereas the Democrats are simply stating that the person holding the title of POTUS has broken rules and they are upholding democracy.

Easy to see both sides. And doubly annoying that the House will like pass this, and the Senate will kowtow (sp?) to the man that is likely to get them a second term come 2020. It’s utterly disheartening that this buffon cannot be held to account properly. At least Nixon was, finally, smart enough to admit his mistakes, Trump isn’t even able to do that and will continue to shout down and bully and prove the he is ‘the big man’ with the big ego.

And now I’m rambling and angry. great.

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Sorry. :anguished:

I don’t know, so I’m asking a genuine question.

Do those on the other side of the argument think the same way? That is, do they they tear their hair out unable to understand how people can’t see how great he is?

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Great questions.

I blame Fox News and echo chambers on Twitter. It does not help that GOP congress outright lies. If you have QAnon, GOP, Fox News, Brietbart and Trump himself all lying to the base, that’s what they will believe. Effectively brainwashed. I consider it a cult of personality.

The false information and conspiracies on BoomerBook don’t help either.

can we not just blame ‘the Russians’ for anything that goes against what we personally view as indisputable facts in our echo chambers :slight_smile:

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Get with the programme, dude! It’s the Ukrainians now. :joy:

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