TrueLayer now partnered with Visa, so for Mastercard?

I wonder if Mastercard connections will be affected?;

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I don’t see this affecting MasterCard at all, if they started boycotting MasterCard then account aggregators and the likes will just go to a competitor instead of truelayer and they’d be worse off.

I agree they’d be worse off but, to me, the words ‘commercial relationship’ in the press release hint at a more strategic move. Anyone know the current costs involved for a Matercard provider to use the TrueLayer service? The Truelayer website gives little away.

Hey, Joao from TrueLayer here :wave:

No worries, our partnership with Visa will not change the support we have for other providers.

We are committed to providing global connectivity, so that every user can benefit from Open Banking opportunities.

I hope this clarifies!

  • Joao

It certainly does clarify it, thanks Joao!