Tripling up of foreign transactions

In Japan, I often find that transactions involve three entries in my timeline. This is the result from making just two real world transactions:

So for each transaction, this happens:

  1. Appears immediately at the transaction time, greyed out, with a message that says “This exchange rate is not final and will…” (incidentally I can find no way of accessing the end of that sentence!). This record in fact never changes and continues to say it’s not final forever (where forever means ‘as of yet’ and it’s been two weeks!)

  2. Appears ~3 days later, with a note pre-filled with the text “Delayed transaction”, not greyed, and with a slightly different amount and payee name (so Mondo doesn’t group it with the other transaction!)

  3. Appears ~10 days later, in green, refunding transaction 1.

I also notice that transactions 1 and 3 are in USD, while transaction 2 is in JPY. This is all from a single real world transaction.

Does anyone else get this problem? It is needless to say, super confusing. Mondo seems keen to make sense of the way banking works and that’s one of the things I like most about it but this is at best exposing a nonsensical underlying system. Can these transactions get grouped together into a single entry, maybe?

It also implies that even after transaction 2, there is still a hold on my card for the funds reserved for transaction 1, until they are eventually refunded. Is that the case?

(In unrelated news, the Tokyo Skytree charges an arm and a leg considering you are paying to simply stand on top of a big pole)


Hey @triblondon, that’s pretty confusing sorry! I wonder whether they do something in Japan like they do in the US with tips at restaurants? I’ll ask @natasha to take a look at this as she’s the expert on merchants and card transactions! :slight_smile:

@tristan FYI I am still experiencing this behaviour. About 60% of my Japan transactions have this problem, though notably not ATM withdrawals.

Usually merchants in Japan authorize in USD and then charge in JPY.

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