Triple charged for a declined transaction

I just came back from Mexico where I had a weird problem that CS couldn’t explain. I tried to pay by chip and pin at a restaurant called La Coyoacana, but it declined. I tried again and it declined again. So I paid in cash.

But the transactions didn’t reverse. CS reversed one, but the restaurant presented and my account was debited.

So now I’ve paid three times: twice on my Monzo card and once in cash.

I don’t understand how they did that if the chip and pin machine said it was declined. Here’s a photo:

well surely this should be enough of evidence that it was declined at the machine, did you got a receipt when you paid in cash I think that would help with your situation as well in getting your money back


Usually the machines spit out a receipt when something is declined, do you have that? If it came to a dispute I don’t think the photo or cash receipt would cut it.

Raising the problem again with CS is the best way to go though.

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I have the photos, but it didn’t give an option for a receipt (you can see the button that says “atras”/“back” - i pressed that).

I just don’t understand how it happened.

The fact there will be two transactions for the same service and a paper receipt all I would have though with similar time stamps should be enough to prove something has gone awry?

Usually if it is a VISA you can get VISA involved through the Bank to look into it - I’m not sure if this is also available on MasterCard though.

Have you spoken to Help Chat in the Monzo app?

Yes, they said they’ll make a claim to MasterCard but the restaurant can easily dispute it and refuse to refund.

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Granted but they would need to prove that with evidence, your claim suggests you paid three times and you have the evidence to prove that.

I hope it all works out for you! Sorry its happened in the first place :frowning:

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Thank you :blush:

Hi. I have just had the same problem in Mexico. Paid 74 dollars, but was told by merchant that it was declined, but also could see on the app that it was charged and refunded 3 minutes later. So I tried to pay again and was declined again, money been charged from monzo but this time never refunded. Dont know what to do

Hi. Just wondering if you got refund. As the same thing has just happened to me in Mexico. Thanx

If the first was auto refunded; just contact Monzo about the second. Or wait a few days and see if it is auto refunded

No I still didn’t get a refund. Monzo say they’re doing a Mastercard chargeback. It’s been almost two months and I haven’t heard anything.

2 months is quite a long wait to have not heard anything

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Chase it up, the merchant only has 30 or 45 days to dispute it.

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I just checked and this was the reply from Monzo (I hope it’s ok to post this here - I’ve removed the COp name - but if this is illegal, I’ll remove it :blush:)

The merchant does have 45 days to dispute your chargeback, that’s correct, but I believe this is 45 days after a disputes claim has been submitted to them by MasterCard. It seems that there’s still another 34 days to go before the end of this timeframe.
I’m going to check this with our specialists and I’ll get back to you soon! Disputes can take up to 3 months, though.

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That took a long time for monzo to submit it to MasterCard it looks like.

Now Monzo is saying it doesn’t know how many days are left on the dispute.

Yesterday they said they’d check with “the specialists” and then went silent. Today they’re saying please be patient, they’ll contact me when there’s an update.

So now they say they submitted the dispute two weeks ago. Apparently it took a whole month for their “troubleshoot and payment teams” to process it.

Is that normal?

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Does sound odd

The same has happened to myself.

Today out shopping, using a joint monzo account with my partner whilst out in Mexico.

1st shop - no issues. Payment accepted.

2nd shop - partner tried to pay. Shop said declined. Tried again, shop said declined. Paid in cash. (Receipts available for all of this)

3rd shop - partner tried to pay, shop said declined. I tried to pay, shop said declined. Ended up paying on my Halifax bank card.

Got back to hotel (first chance at wifi access) to see that the payments in second shop hadn’t bounced and in fact had been debited. Also that my payment in the third shop had bounced and was immediately refunded, but my partners attempt had been debited.

So now we have paid 3 times for the items in the 2nd shop and twice for those in the third.

I have receipts for all payments and “declined” attempts.

Currently had the “referring to a specialist” off the monzo help chat. Any advice at all? Or any success stories on getting your money back?


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