Triple charged for a declined transaction


I just came back from Mexico where I had a weird problem that CS couldn’t explain. I tried to pay by chip and pin at a restaurant called La Coyoacana, but it declined. I tried again and it declined again. So I paid in cash.

But the transactions didn’t reverse. CS reversed one, but the restaurant presented and my account was debited.

So now I’ve paid three times: twice on my Monzo card and once in cash.

I don’t understand how they did that if the chip and pin machine said it was declined. Here’s a photo:


:mexico: Monzo in Mexico [Discussion]

well surely this should be enough of evidence that it was declined at the machine, did you got a receipt when you paid in cash I think that would help with your situation as well in getting your money back


(Nick) #3

Usually the machines spit out a receipt when something is declined, do you have that? If it came to a dispute I don’t think the photo or cash receipt would cut it.

Raising the problem again with CS is the best way to go though.

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I have the photos, but it didn’t give an option for a receipt (you can see the button that says “atras”/“back” - i pressed that).

I just don’t understand how it happened.


(Jordan) #5

The fact there will be two transactions for the same service and a paper receipt all I would have though with similar time stamps should be enough to prove something has gone awry?

Usually if it is a VISA you can get VISA involved through the Bank to look into it - I’m not sure if this is also available on MasterCard though.

Have you spoken to Help Chat in the Monzo app?



Yes, they said they’ll make a claim to MasterCard but the restaurant can easily dispute it and refuse to refund.

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(Jordan) #7

Granted but they would need to prove that with evidence, your claim suggests you paid three times and you have the evidence to prove that.

I hope it all works out for you! Sorry its happened in the first place :frowning:

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Thank you :blush: