Trip with friend

Hi there. My friend and I want to plan a trip together. I haven’t been abroad yet, so any recommendations would be great! Sorry if my information is very broad. Thanks

It’s a bit too broad at the moment.

Best advice is to use the forum search and type the country you’re looking to travel to, look for the Wiki, there will be lots of advice inside for how to get the best out of your money whilst there.

Hope this is kind of what you was looking for!


@Cifrvel whats your budget and what type of things do you like to do, that might help people give you some options

If you’re adventurous go for this, I’ve done it before and it was great fun.

How long, how much, weather, activities?

Screw it, just go to Delhi and work your way from there…

Seems quite fun but if you just have two weeks off it seems it would take more than your holiday time to exclude cities before starting too book…

I was traveling across Europe last year, I have to say I really enjoyed that trip. Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy are must-visit countries. In order to save a little, choose low-cost airlines

Or go by train :mountain_railway:

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Yes! Lisbon, Sevilla, Prague, Helsinki, Budapest, Gdansk, Vienna, Zagreb, etc all easily and cheaply accessible by train and stunning journeys too.

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