Trends not showing

Hi there!

I know the roll out of the Trends feature is meant to be done progressively, however everyone I know now has Trends in their Monzo app aside from me.

I even upgraded to Monzo Plus and it didn’t show up in my app.

Is there a secret toggle or something I am doing wrong?

What app version are you on?

4.12.0 #795

Just checking if anyone from Monzo has a view on this? I have been through the chat function in app and it hasn’t been very helpful.

What did they say?

That they were rolling it out slowly and if I subscribed to Plus or Premium it would appear (which it didn’t). Just wondering if there was a house view on this roll out

You’ll need to follow up on your discussion to explain that you’re now a Plus subscriber and it’s still not showing.

It’s unlikely staff will see this here and they don’t offer support through this community either.

There is no ‘house view’ on the rollout either, it’s something that isn’t guaranteed to happen on here. We get bits of updates if a staff member decides (and is allowed) to share an update. Nothing is mandated to require them to do so.