Trends and Roundup pots don’t play nicely together

I’m using a roundup pot to save for something - as it’s designed. And I’m using Trends to see how much money I have left to spend this month and how far off target I am - as it’s designed.

So when I looked at my current balance and Trend amount, I couldn’t understand the big gap.

Then I realised, it’s the roundup that isn’t being counted by Trends because roundups are categorised as “savings” and savings are always excluded from Trends.

So I went into one of the Roundups and changed the category. That fixed it for that one transaction. But do I have to do that for each transaction?

Suggested fix: let us remove “savings” as an always excluded category in Trends. Or when I change a roundup transaction’s category, give me the “for this transaction and all past and future” as it does in every other feed item.