Trends account selection not saving/updating

Issue: Trying to save your selection of pots and accounts in trends results in a constant spinning loading icon on the blue button and never saves.

Details to reproduce: open the app, go to the trends tab, tap on the arrow at the top of the page to select your accounts and pots. Select some, or deselect some that aren’t already selected/deselected and tap the blue button to save selection.
OS: iOS 16.1
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
App Version: 4.53.0 and 4.54.1

Screenshots: Didnt take any, so will add when I’m able to get the app working again following the crashing bug.

Can anyone replicate this please? And if they can, post a screenshot whilst I can’t?


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Same for me.

:apple: iOS 15.7
Monzo 4.53.0
iPhone 12 Pro

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Same here.

iOS 16.1
Monzo 4.53.0
iPhone 14 Pro Max