Travelling with Monzo ✈️

Travel tips and advice on using Monzo abroad from our high-flying community! If you don’t see the country you’ve visited or plan to visit, please feel free to start a new thread, and we’ll get it added to the directory :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: There may be issues making withdrawals from mag stripe ATM’s if your identity has not been verified or you have not enabled mag stripe withdrawals in the app.

List of non-mag stripe ATMs (Worldwide)


The Americas




For some pointers on important things to remember before you travel, check out our How to Monzo: Holiday Edition video.

Safe Travels! :earth_africa:

Make sure to share your travel snaps with us too! :camera_flash:


There’s a Japan thread here - 🇯🇵 Monzo in Japan [Discussion]

@alexbilbie Cheers Alex! Will add this now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Shouldn’t the category be Travelling with Monzo instead of Mondo :slight_smile:

Travel tips for Estonia…don’t expect to use contactless so remember your chip and pin pin-code

@Naji surprise there wasn’t a Spain topic, just created it Monzo in Spain if you can add it to the above list :slightly_smiling_face:

@walderston There was, I missed it! Cheers for the heads up :slightly_smiling_face:

I missed it too… :frowning:

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Mexico :slight_smile:

I’m going there soon …

Going to Iceland in just over 3 weeks! :grin:

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@NekoZombieRaw @beningreenjam I posted my own topic before I traveled to Melbourne & got some really useful tips so it’s definitely worth seeing if anyone else in the community has been.

If you do, please use the title Monzo in Mexico / Iceland :wink:

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I am off to Morocco in just over 2 weeks, I will test my card there no doubt :slight_smile:

Vietnam added - I turned up with only $50 and no VND so it was a great experience using Monzo. Even if ATM withdrawal fees can be a bit of a hit, I’m not sure how trustworthy cleaners are with baggage, unsure on costs, and going on frequent flights meant this was easier than taking a load of cash from the UK.

I am off to Nepal :mountain: in just over 2 weeks, I will report the experience e.g. withdrawal charges, ATM availability

That explains why the list was so limited! Enjoy your travels and looking forward to your update

Off to the canary islands in a few weeks, any one used it in Gran Canaria/Tenerife/Madeira?

Ditto. 03/10/16 flying to Mexico with my monzo

How do I get Indonesia added to the directory? I am here for a while…Thanx!!!