Travel Reports on Joint Accounts

Apologies if I’ve missed a post where this is discussed, but am I right in thinking travel report functionality doesn’t work in joint accounts? Been to Greece and didn’t get a notification to say “Welcome to Greece” (location services are turned on) and don’t recall getting one last time I was abroad either aside from in my personal (non joint) account.

I think the issue with travel on joint accounts is that often it might be only one person of the JA and you wouldn’t know which one or both until payments are made. You could potentially do it with location services but that would require both to opt in to tracking and I think location is only built for iOS app this now

A possible solution to this would be to send a Welcome and Travel Report to each person individually when they first spend in a particular country (or their location displays them in that country).

For example:

  • Person A and Person B have a joint account together.
  • Person A uses their card abroad ==> Welcome appears that only Person A can see.

Tbh though, I don’t think having a Travel Report, which both people on a joint account can see, appear when a each person spends in a foreign country is a bad idea (eg: If Person A spends in a foreign country, a Welcome/Travel report appears. If Person B then spends in the same or a different foreign country, another Welcome/Travel Report appears).

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Agree with this; there is a convenience that comes with the travel report feature given that it enables you to quickly tag everything spent in that country as an expense or holiday spending.

just got back from holiday and there is no travel report on what we spent on our joint which is a shame. Not sure why it isnt implemented I’m sure most couples go on holiday together!

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