Travel reports missing

(Alex Brooks) #1

I loved travel reports but they don’t appear now I’ve switched to the current account. When can we have them back?

(Brandon Billingham) #2

I’ve noticed the same. I thought I saw these were marked as done for iOS on the Trello Board.

At the moment I can only find a card for Android travel reports.

Maybe @HughWells can confirm!

(Jack cheetham) #3

i also didnt get one when i returned from a trip on 2nd January…

(Phil) #4

I also saw this over Christmas. Went to France and the welcome message appeared, but when I came back there was no travel report. This was on iOS, current account.

(Michael) #5

These have recently been added into the Current Account on iOS… :slight_smile:


So we should be seeing them again soon ?

(Michael) #7

Any time you return from holiday, you’ll see them yes.


Now is that an excuse to go on holiday

I’ll try that and see what happens :smiley:


What is a travel report?


@urban Here:


Nice! Thanks

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Woop :smiley:

Images from here.


Can we get Travel Reports for trips to Scotland or Wales? :joy:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #14

Can we get Travel Reports for trips outside the M25? Trollol


Joking aside, why not have the option to manually start and stop a travel period. Then you could do trips in the UK, but also you can have one trip report for a trip to multiple countries rather than one per country.

(Jolin) #16

Are you referring to Cymru and Alba?


and Berwick upon Tweed once at war with Russia for 50 more years than Britain!

(Eve) #18

I can’t remember which thread this was in (a combination of another idea and the mates mode thread tbh) but I think it would be nice to be able to mark a bunch of transactions and list it as an event to get a report after.

I’m thinking it would work for a birthday night out or something- you could see all the places you’ve spent in (and get subtly shamed for it) and get a nice total for your damage that night. Plus, it would work for a nice little day/ weekend trip within the UK and we wouldn’t have to fuss over which countries/ places are included :ok_hand:t3: