Travel categories

One of the advantages that I really like with my Monzo card is the ability to use it abroad without worrying about extra charges. It is brilliant!

The other is the categories that are available and the amount of Spend per category. I can keep track of my spend easily.

What I would like to see is the ability to group payments into trips. I can then see how much I am spending while away. It could be achieved with a custom spending category, which is a quite popular suggestion already, or on another section dedicated to travel/events.

It would be useful to set up a category (a trip to Paris for the week), add a budget to the category (€500) and then keep track of the budget as I spend.

Thanks for allowing me to feedback and hope my insights help!


I’m going Sweden in a few weeks so I am interested how the payments will look

Will be the first time using my card abroad. Normally used my Halifax one but was fed up of the cost

You’ll find out in a few weeks, I guess.


They don’t look spectacularly different. There will just be a local currency amount right beneath the Sterling amount.

Be aware, though, that the Sterling amount you see when you make the purchase is subject to change for a few days (and in my experience usually does change).

Have a great trip!


You can find some info here;

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