TransferWise- Recipient Receives amount

(Max Darby) #1

Hi all,

Love the integration to TransferWise. 1 thing that might be helpful. Currently you type in “I want to send £100” which means the user will get “xx”.

It would be helpful to do it the other way round? I.E. - I know my recipient needs 100CHF, so I type in the “user receives” box 100CHF, and therefore the system knows that’s me sending £89.00 (example figures). Currently, I’m typing in £88, they receive 99.7CHF, then I’m trying £88.10 - in order to get it to the right amount and constantly adjusting it by a little bit until I get the right figure

Just a thought, but being able to edit either side of the equation would be useful!

(Splodf) #2

in Revolut they have this nailed down, it’s a little arrow that flips the currencies around allowing exactly this.

Hopefully it can be copied.

(Dan Mullen) #3

This is also how international payments are implemented in Starling’s app. You can decide whether to input how much you want to send in your currency or how much you want the recipient to receive in theirs.

(Max Darby) #4

Glad it’s not just me being stupid… I thought I was doing something wrong haha

Definitely think it’s a worthwhile fix! :smile:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #5

Definitely not. You can do this exact thing directly in the TransferWise app.