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No address on my passport yet I opened both a personal and a business account. They didn’t ask for a proof of address.

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I’ve had s Transferwise account for about a year and recently opened a Borderless account, so maybe people who are already customers don’t need to show proof of address?


Is this because they need a ‘paper’ statement?
Similar issues coming up at Starling:

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Hey guys,

TransferWise here. We have just started answering questions in the following thread: Hello Monzo, Transferwise here!

We will also try to go back through this thread and answer as many questions as possible.

We look forward to answering all your questions,


I’ve been regularly comparing Transferwise and Revolut EUR>GBP rates before I’ve need to do recent FX and so far the only time TW was better value was at the weekend (Revolut locks it rate and applies a surcharge at weekends). This was mainly because I was within Revolut’s free FX limits.

Would TW ever consider a certain volume of zero-fee FX per month/quarter, as Revolut offer?

On another note, is TW planning to offer GB IBANs? This might become a bigger issue for me post-Brexit :frowning:

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As a developer, I love the “hello world” as well as the bright green colour. So much personality and really fits well with the brand


I thought this might interest some you: The debit card is exiting beta:

Hi [redacted],

My name’s Tom, I’m the Product Marketing Manager for the TransferWise borderless account.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve invited a small group of customers to join our beta programme and try out our new debit card. Next week, we’re closing the beta, and offering cards to all eligible customers. Thank you for all your support — we couldn’t have got here without you.

What happens now?

Nothing — we’ll move it over to the main card programme, and it’ll keep working as normal. You don’t need to do anything.

Is anything else changing?

Withdrawing cash from an ATM was free during our beta program. Starting July 1st, you can withdraw up to £200 (or another currency equivalent) every month for free. After that, there’s a 2% charge on withdrawals.

Help us improve

We’d love if you could answer two short questions about our new debit card. It should only take a minute.


Tom Davies
Product Marketing Manager

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I just got that as well, interesting to seem them adopting a very similar approach to Monzo with the overseas atm fees, but if it works, it works! :slight_smile:

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The main difference being that they flagged it up at the very beginning, so customers knew it was always going to happen.

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That have also undercut Monzo by 1% it looks like.

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Except for :uk: withdrawals, where :monzo: have undercut them by 2%. :wink:

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A few days ago, TransferWise sent out an email regarding planned maintenance aimed at connecting directly to Bank of England systems. I was intrigued, since they do not have a banking license, so did some digging, and found this article, among others - a very significant development in my view, since it means that non-banks can directly connect to the UK’s payment systems without having to go through an intermediary.

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On another note, I’ve also noticed that their debit cards are directly issued by them. Combined with this announcement, this makes it a viable banking alternative for those travelling frequently, since you get a unique account, euro IBAN, US as well as Australian account routing numbers (unlike Revolut, for example, which doesn’t give you a unique IBAN/account number for any other currency than GBP and Euro [SEPA only]). Their app has recently been improved to add functionality more often associated with banking (improved card viewing functionality, changing card limits, etc). Definitely a company to watch.

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Can’t wait to try the Borderless Account, I’m getting more and more fed up of Revolut over the time it takes to transfer money

I haven’t used Transferwise before but can someone let me know if you transfer money to someone in another country, is the transfer pretty quick? And quicker than Revolut?


It really depends. In my experience, SEPA transfers are usually faster with Revolut than with transferwise (my Revolut transfers have usually been pretty instant). Other payments may vary.

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Thanks @nanos, I’ve opened a Transferwise Borderless Account and testing some money transfer from Revolut to TW using the IBAN/SWIFT

Revolut says it’s been “Executed” but nothing is appearing so I thought if anyone has had similar issues :slight_smile:

ps- they could use another word than executed :joy:

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I’ve been using Transferwise for a few years now.

It used to take 3-4 days to transfer to a Euro zone bank account in my experience. However, in the past year or so, the money has usually appeared on the same day.


It will depend on the banks involved but that is probably because they are using SCTinst instead of SCT.

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Transferwise has also some extensive fraud checks, from experience even a transfer to a new account that’s supposed to be instant (UK FPS) will take a day, but future transfers to that same account are near-instant. Most likely all first transfers to a new account are manually verified.

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I have Monzo, and have just ordered a borderless card with transferwise. I am a little confused how it works. With Monzo i load it up with pounds from my Lloyds account no fees, then when traveling Europe just withdraw on the day in Euros no fees. With transferwise I set it up with 20 euros to start with but Lloyds hit me with an non sterling transaction fee. Should I be loading the transferwise card up in Pounds and withdrawing it in Euros like Monzo instead?