TransferWise - Borderless Account


They want to charge for card payments in the future? I hope I’m misunderstanding that, as that would be even more unusual (or am I missing something again?)

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I’m in interpreting it as free to make purchases with the card, but a fee to make payments.

I think it’s important to remember that this isn’t meant to be a current account. It’s a way of getting paid in one currency and converting that currency to one you want to spend in, or, for travelers, you could lock in an exchange rate now to use in the future.

(Allie) #23

Which is why the fees are slightly more tolerable. But still…

(roos) #24

Is there any possibility to provide me an invitation as well? I am looking for a way to open an account including a card for my friend. Is there any possibility you could help me with this?

(Allie) #25

It wasn’t a referral program thing. I can tell you the secret for me seemed to be transferring money in from two countries in two different currencies.


And functioning customer service!

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This might seem a bit nitpicky, especially since I defended COps using natural language including non-British spellings and easy grammar errors. The difference is this is a print work, which unlike a chat should be edited… Anyway, have a look at this.IMG_20180124_195247

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Probably used a spell checker that had American English set as default I’d imagine. I know for certain if they was using a web based editor in Chrome it defaults to American English.

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I’ve never interacted with Transferwise customer service, so can’t comment, but my interactions with Revolut have been pretty bad

(Matt) #30

What do you mean? That’s a perfectly British spelling. :wink:

‘Licence’ is a noun. ‘License’ is a verb. Even in Britain.

Clearly an error, but not necessarily because the wrong dictionary was selected for the spell check. Perhaps as much a case of lacking an {educated?} proof reader?


Driving Licence, TV License, Pub Licence, Gun Licence, are all spelt with a C not an S in the UK on official sites like DVLA.

While LicenCe is spelt with a C the word LicenSing is spelt with an S not a C … go figure!

(Allie) #32

I never said it was a spell check issue (though it could be a grammar check issue, the editor shouldn’t need that). Licence is the noun, as in, a licence from Mastercard :slight_smile: To license is a verb, as you note, which isn’t the context.

It’s also not the only mistake, they formatted their phone number incorrectly…

Noun vs verb.

Oh, and I just noticed, there’s a typo on the chip, too. There’s a trailling space after my surname in the Track 1 Equivalent Data.

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Indeed. I’d have been better off replying to one of the others (who suggested the spell check issue) rather than you. I’m still not entirely at peace with this forum software and its ‘threaded-but-not-threaded’ layout. My bad.

There’s a chance the stuff might have been drafted by a non-English speaker, perhaps. Do they still have offices in Estonia or is it all based in London now?


The only one I am aware of with offices in Estonia is Monese, and most of the staff I know there have as good a grasp of English as your average Brit.

(lewis oconnor) #35

anyone got one of these cards yet?

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Yes. I have one but I’ve not had occasion to use it yet. I’ll probably use it in a couple of weeks.

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how long did it take? ive opened my account today. just curious to see what its like

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If you mean how long did it take for the card to arrive, it was 3-4 days IIRC. A tad slower than Monzo.

(Geoff Pascoe) #39

I’ve got one. Used it once when my parents sent me money in Aus for a dinner here. The card arrived the day after ordering in my case. It works well, and I like the card, although the app is very bare-bones. It definitely feels like they’ve bolted card payments onto a transfer app, rather than designed a ‘borderless bank account app’, which to be fair, is exactly what they’ve done.

(Caspar Aremi) #40

I got an invite on Friday for the card, hopefully it’ll arrive soon so I can test it out.