Transferwise Alternative


Wondering if there will be an option to unselect transferwise for international transfers.

I appreciate the cost saving of using transferwise, but there are occasions when a true international transfer is required.

Thanks in advance

As Monzo does not support international transfers directly, an intermediary like Transferwise is required. So replacing Transferwise with an alternative would not solve the problem of needing to send a ‘true’ international transfer.

Do you mean that you want Monzo to natively support international transfers?

Not saying to replace transferwise with another service provider…

But, have the option to choose either transfer wise or select an international transfer if required.

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You want Monzo to do international transfers natively?

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Some people including myself have the need for it to show as an international transfer at the recipient end, not just a local transfer.

This isn’t all the time, hence why I suggested having the option to select this method.

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Revolut is an excellent alternative and has plenty of features. Rates are pretty good comparable if not better than TransferWise. Depending on what currency it is it can be a ‘native transfer’ from a real Revolut account number.

I suspect you’ll need to use another bank account, then, as I haven’t seen any signs that international transfers are coming in the near future.