Transfers from Pots


Is there a way to make a bank transfer from pots?

Eg i have a “cats” pot, money goes in there, the DD for insurance comes out, food purchased using virtual care etc… HOWEVER! I cant seem to pay the cat sitter via bank transfer (its not a regular payment so cant use SO?

Am i missing something? Has anyone found a work around??


Pots aren’t treated as accounts, so as there’s no account number/sort code, you can’t have payments directly in/out.

As it’s irregular, I’m not sure there’s an easy way around it

I get for incoming, but if you can pay a DD or standing out of it, why not a Bacs :sob:

Without the option im thinking my cat pot may come redundant.

To clarify, you don’t pay out of pots, they just hold the money, and the direct debits still come from the main account, but when that’s triggered, then funds are moved in your current account balance so there’s no impact.