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Trying to transfer money from my CA to my regular bank so I can shift it to the prepay (having not spotted that the CA is no use for cash abroad)
It tells me “almost done - to finish setting up Touch ID we’ll need to ask you a couple of questions”. It tells me to turn on Touch ID (which was already on)…and then it goes to a “Conversations with Monzo Bank” screen, which shows “No conversations with Monzo Bank yet” and sits there silently until my screen powers down.

Any clues? Is my cash destined to remain useless to me abroad?
Will the CA account actually work at all abroad?

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& now I see if I click the chat, you are there 9am to 6pm.
Shame I leave at 07:00hrs tomorrow then.
double sigh


Yes the reduced hours was mentioned in the notes when agreeing to use the preview prior to the official launch, you can however if you have the prepaid app too try seeing if anyone there can help you in the circumstances… depends who you get :slight_smile:


Try turning off Touch ID. If I remember right that did the trick for me and fell back to asking my card PIN instead.

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Why don’t you just top up the prepaid card using your CA debit card?

Also, your CA card will work find at shops, etc. And if there are chip ATMs in Malta, it will work in them too. The only limitation (as compared with the prepaid) in this situation is the lack of magstripe.

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