Transfer to joint account not impact 'total out'

I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to look back at amount spent over the months with the calendar button, I’ve noticed that the transfers that I make between my joint and single account is counted in amounts out, which is quite frustrating because it appears I’m spending a lot more than I’m actually spending.

I always tick the don’t include in spending summary box but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Please can this be sorted?

Hi. Welcome.

Ticking “Don’t include in summary” means it won’t come out of your budget for the month. But that money has still left your account that month, it’s the expected behaviour I would think not something that’s likely to be ‘fixed’

As a joint account user as well, I agree with the above.

If it’s coming from my personal account I’ve spent that money by putting it into another account. Regardless of the fact it’s a joint account or not.

Plus it’s really important to have a ledger of all your money movements. By hiding it, I fear it would cause more issues that it would solve.