What was rude about it, it’s a very valid point we aren’t sports direct, it’s a customer service problem between him and the company.

Same thing applies to you. If you don’t like it ignore it inside of flagging everything because you don’t like it.


I didn’t flag you… but now you mention it you do the same thing in @Venomx posts as well.

Please search ‘Bad Actors’ in this community.

There are ‘users’ who sign up with new ID’s who post ‘questionable’ subjects with the sole intention to increase the engagement and therefore their status. They have typically been banned in the past for reasons that the Moderators know.

#StayAlert :eyes:


We know… you make this point in everything thread you feel is pointless

I will certainly have a look. Speaking of bad actors I’ve always had a thing for Nicholas Cage :smiley:


Can someone close this thread please, I asked a simple question and this is what happens!

Great place this is.

Yes to the corner shop to get food, not to town for trainers.

Essentials are not trainers

This is a forum that has topics about everything and anything, if you have an issue with things not being about banking then take it up with the owners or make threads yourself instead of ruining others

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In answer to your question, Money Saving Expert is a great place to find out about stuff like this. And you can guarantee the facts are correct.


You and I and seemingly the Co-Ops have a very different view of the world spam

But remember

“Nobody is obligated to engage in any content if you do not wish to or do not find it interesting”

:wink: You don’t have to engage

@TommyGun Looks like you might have to make a case under “reasonable expectation” and general wear and tear.

Only problem I can see you running into is that Sports Direct don’t have a great reputation… If you didn’t pay a lot it might not be worth the hassle of chasing for a refund if they turn you down

Are they the air Nike squeeky something?

Yeah, read reviews before buying YouTube is full of people posting videos of burst bubbles in the sole.

They are Nike air something but not to sure of the model I will have a look but the sole around the bubble wore down so fast

Do look up the model and check if it is widespread issue.

It’s an issue with some of their ranges. And don’t buy those “air bubble sole” stuff again.

Please, if you don’t have anything constructive to add - don’t add it.

The OP came here to ask a question, we don’t need to comment on the motive as to why they asked it here or to make judgements on that.

If you don’t think they should have asked it here, that’s your opinion but it isn’t our opinion. So please, keep it to yourself and remember - be kind.


I was interested. Found nothing. Now I’m intrigued…

I should have stated singular, not plural. Here’s the first search result of the singular;

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I find it interesting as a company you have made a decision to have an extensive faq section to try and discourage people from spamming the help chat with needless questions but yet their forums seem to be fair game for people with no ability to think for themselves.

I answered the question. I dread to think of a world were criticism is seen as being unkind :man_facepalming:

Saying as most of my posts where flagged @Dan5 would you like to tell me what rules they broke? Couldn’t possibly be the flag system has been abused again could it? :wink:


And many of those queries of late are from people who come to ask where the chat has gone :man_shrugging:


Let’s not conflate the FAQ and the forum, the two are not related. The forum is a community forum and, aside from the “help” section, not intended to solve customer queries.

Personally, I find the complaints about the potential spam more annoying than the accused spam itself and on more than one occasion I have wanted to ask a related question but have been unable to do so because the thread was closed to stop circular discussions like this.

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