Trading 212 (T212)

Have you looked at IG trading? they are also very good

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So, assuming Freetrade and Trading 212 both have the shares you want to buy, is there any difference (price or anything else) or reason to switch from one to the other?

I use both platforms. I prefer Freetrade app in terms of design. I also prefer their customer service and the fact they are a British startup.

T212 have more functionality - A web platform, fractional shares (coming to FT soon), a free ISA account. They also have a range or order types including a limit order which routes Direct to Market which means that you can buy on the bid and sell on the ask. I’ve made some decent gains using limit orders in this way especially with shares with a large spread.

T212 are also about to launch Autoinvest which automate trading.

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Thanks. I’ve got an account with both but have everything in T212.

I’ll probably wait a while until Freetrade has developed a bit more and then make a decision on which to keep…

No coincidence they’re broadcasting this ahead of Freetrade’s incoming Crowdcube fundraise, but nonetheless these numbers are impressive/unsurprising:

Serious update incoming :eyes:

Looks powerful :pie:

It looks very good indeed and blows Freetrade out of the water.


Business model update:

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Shame they aren’t bringin shorts in though :frowning:

That is completely untrue and to do so would be illegal. In fact using a limit order with T212 means you quite often buy on the bid. The only “larger spread” is applied on CFDs not equities.


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From what I have read in most places the spread is larger so it can’t be illegal.

Just a quick search will show you this as below. First stock I looked for and as you can see the price on T212 is higher.

I’m not saying it’s bad though as it’s still massively cheaper than paying commissions on a trade unless you are gonna drop thousands of £ a day on trades.

That will be down to different data feed providers. Those are indicative prices and are not guaranteed.

Under Mifid II they cannot add to the spread and must comply with a best execution policy. It is illegal to add to the spread and neither T212 or Freetrade do it.

Edit: I think the sites you have screenshot display the last traded price whereas T212 display the “ask” or buy price.


T212 don’t change the spread on Invest/ISA. That price is only to give an indication of roughly what it will be at that point. It doesn’t mean that another provider using a different data feed will get you a better price. Most feeds aren’t live either so its what it was 15mins ago etc, T212 is live

Wow, this auto invest looks amazing.

Surprised how far ahead they are on Freetrade.


Agreed. It looks fantastic especially the re-balancing function. I invest in a global equity ETF, corporate bonds and some gold. But for those that invest in loads of different individual shares it will make things so much easier.

It really does :eyes:


@N26throwaway also forgot they have their own thread here with good info. One more update today:

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