(Adam Hockley) #1

Hello wondering if we can get a topup option to take are card to a paypoint or payzone and hand over tell them we would like £10 or what ever card and them top up us?

(Rob Clarke) #2

There did used to be a company called “PayOffline” that offered access to the “PayPoint” network for merchants, although it looks like they ceased trading in 2012.

It would forward the customer to a page with a barcode they could print, and take into a newsagent (or any store with a PayPoint terminal), and then they could pay the balance in cash. As soon as the customer paid, PayOffline would send an API callback to the merchant (like PayPal does), confirming the transaction.

Could be an interesting way to allow cash deposits, as the PayPoint network has pretty good coverage. Not sure who replaced PayOffline, or what the minimum volume to work directly with PayPoint is.

(Adam Hockley) #4

Yep Pay offline was decent wish it never was gone :slight_smile: