Tops ups as a category in monthly summary

(Dan) #1

Can top ups be added to the monthly spending summary, as a separate category, as they will be credits rather than debits. I tend to make multiple, smaller top ups during the month and would like to see a running total in the summary

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

I see where you are coming from. The problem is that “Your spending” is currently just about spending, if we bring top ups to the rooms numbers are not going to add up (by definition your top up total is always bigger than your spending).

Anyway, we’re revisiting some of that stuff :soon: so hopefully it should make more sense then :slight_smile:

(Jack cheetham) #3

on the topic of monthly summary, i would also like to set the dates of the month to payday at the beginning.

would help me budget better as at the moment the last few days shoot up in spend because i get paid on 25th