Topping up by bank transfer / standing order

(Tristan Thomas) #1

A few people have asked whether they can top up by bank transfer/standing order and the answer is yes :tada: It’s a feature we’ve had for a while (and was initially the only way to top up) but it’s pretty hidden. You will need to stick within the top up limits (detailed within section 17 of our terms and conditions

Details are:
Account name: WDCS Re Focus
Sort code: 20-59-42
Account number: 13219585
Reference: (the 9-digit number on the bottom left of you card – this is important as this is how we tie the top-up to your account)

It isn’t real-time but it should hit your account within one working day. Let me know if you have any questions!

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(james.a.davison) #2

Ah this is cool thanks man :slight_smile:

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( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

@tristan - just noticed on my bank statement a bank transfer I made this month is annotated as " Mondo" still as opposed to my debit card transfers in app coming up on my bank statement correctly as “Monzo”

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Hey @iansilversides, are you sure that’s not the reference/payee name you entered? I don’t think we have control over that… (could be wrong through!)

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

yep your right it was my payee name whoops :slight_smile:

(George) #6

is there any way the reference could be given when topping up? like where the Pending part is in a normal transaction

I’ve been using it for non-Monzo friends to top up my card instead of cash/other bank account. Would be useful to see where it came from.

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(Tristan Thomas) #7

Interesting! To be totally honest, probably not — we’re hoping to get rid of topping up as soon as we launch a current account. But then you’ll be able to receive bank transfers from friends and that will include the reference :slight_smile:

(George) #8

makes sense then, sounds good!

(luis peralta) #9

Hi @tristan. Initially I’ve used TransferWise to top up the account with success. But on the second time, I’ve used their “repeat transfer” feature that I know now it’s bugged, as it doesn’t fill the reference number with the previous one. Well, it fills the reference number on the app, but it doesn’t send it after confirmation.

So, I have a transfer made to Monzo without reference number. Is there any support mail I can contact to send proof of the transfer?

(Tristan Thomas) #10

@luisperalta Sure, just email :slight_smile:

(Matt Hazley) #11

Hey @tristan - android user here.

I topped up yesterday via bank transfer. I’ve done this three times so far and it usually hits my Monzo account around 11am the next day but it hasn’t arrived today. I used the same ssaved transfer settings each time so I’m sure the details were correct.

Is it possible to find out if all is ok with it?

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Tristan might pick this up quickly but as a general rule, it’s faster to ask the support team about this sort of thing through the chat tool, in the app or by emailing as there’s several people who can pick up your question (& they won’t be in meetings etc.)

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(Matt Hazley) #13

Thats good - I didn’t know about that feature - thanks @alexs

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(Allan Blanchard) #14

could you tell us why it takes at least 24 hours for a top up, via bank transfer to hit our cards?
I do transfers from my Barclays account and since the sort code for Monzo, first 2 digits, are the same that means the sort code originates with Barclays. the sort code you supply is for the Newcastle City Branch of Barclays!
Barclays have told me in the past that transfers within Barclays are done instantly and when I transfer to a lloyds account it is there within minutes

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #15

The transfer is to Monzo’s own account. They then have to match up your payment with your card. I believe they’ve pretty much automated it these days but there’s still a human element involved.
I think all transfers are sorted at/by 11am the next day.

(Allan Blanchard) #16

will there still be a delay if and when Monzo starts to offer full blown banking to its customers ?

(Alex Sherwood) #17

Monzo definitely are launching current accounts this year :tada:

They’ll be part of the Faster Payments Scheme so any transfers from other banks should reach your account within 2 hours :thumbsup:

There’s more details of their plans in this blog post -

& they confirmed that this is still the plan when they announced the latest round of crowdfunding.

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #18

Monzo are already part of the Faster Payments scheme so as soon as you get a current account you’ll be able to transfer money in as swiftly as that allows.

(Nick) #19


Debit cards are immediate - but how long does a bank top-up typically take?

(Jolin) #20

The bank top-ups seems to be processed only on working days, sometime in the morning. I thought it was by 10-11am, but I made a bank transfer last night and it’s still not appeared in my Monzo account today (11:18am right now).

Edit @ 11:28am: Top-up just came through. Coincidence?! It’s certainly always happened before noon in my experience.

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