Top up icons


Not sure what icon is used for top up on iOS but in Android it is same icon for card top up and bank transfer. Would it be better to have different icons to differentiate between the two?

(Dylan Duffy) #2


This is what is IOS users see!:slight_smile:



I did not mean those, but the green square with a plus in on the timeline/statement

(Dylan Duffy) #4

Oh I see what you mean, a top up is a top up though? Why would they need different icons?



Just as people have suggested a contactless icon to differentiate from an ePOS transaction it would help you see if funds on a card or from an account as you may fund them from different sources i.e. the card you top up with being on a different account to the one you use to send money electronically. This could help if you auditing a number of accounts.